Additional Fashion Branding

Marketing & Social Media, Rent/book Runway, Photo Studio, Photographer, Models, Stylists, Hair, Make up, etc.

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing Membership: Tired of dealing with web designer and all the hassle of videos, photoshoot and material for your social media promotion and website??? For a marketing membership of $1000 a month we will have up to 12 videos in different format for all your social media and unlimited website update. You will be promoted in all our social media and get a front page of Fashion in the Fast Lane  or PopImpressKa or My Life Style Magazine with 3 pages article about you or your brand.

Rent a Runway

Price: $4,000.00 per show/day


Price: $100.00. per hour – 3 hours minimum $180 per one hour


We offer a full mini manufacture upon request including:

Fashion designer
Tech Designer
Pattern Maker
Graphic Designer

Photo Shoot in the roof top on arranged space on the store

Price: $200.00 per hour – minimum of 3 hours.


Price: $100.00. per hour – minimum 3 hours

Stylist, hair and make up available upon request.

Photography Workshop

Our team of professional fashion photographers will be holding photography workshop. More info upon request.