Reserve your Space

Our goal is to lower your expenses as much as possible so you can focus more on profits and exposure than expenses.

We are now accepting  proposal for Design & Co.’s Soho Location.

For the Lease Contract below: (Disclaimer: the contract is for you and your legal adviser only with the purpose of analyzing terms with D&Co. and it will not be signed or be effective until Design & Co. finalize agreement/

12 X 16 Space

Our Prime Space – Store Front

$12,000 / 
Full payment required and 1 month security deposit.

12 X 16 Space

Middle to the the back of the store

$8,000 / 
Full payment required and 1 month security deposit.

8 X 6 Space

This is our most popular space


Full payment required and 1 month security deposit

4 X 2  Space

This space is ideal for accessories, scarves, hats and our most affordable space

$3,000 / 
Full payment required and 1 month security deposit

Sample Contract

*10% commission paid to D&Co. on wholesale, and online. 10% commission paid to D&Co. over trade shows national and international.


– Designated space inside the store
– Online sales through our website
– Marketing through our social media.
– Free electricity, internet, water

  • One Fashion Show a month inside the store during Fashion Happy Hour

Not included:

– Sales person for the designer/brand specific area
– Displays and any type of furniture needed to operate your sales, such as table, mannequin, hangers, etc.
– Bags, wrapping paper, tags, etc.
– Storage

Designers and brands will be responsible for their own inventory, sales in store, and shipping when sales are made online.

Available extra:

  • – Marketing & Social Media Membership
  • – Photo Studio available – $125 per hour – minimum of 2 hours
    – Runway available for a special rate
    – Storage $30 per day
    – Trade Shows National and international

Store Displays

The look and feel of the store has to be standard in terms of decoration and set up. We will provide companies that you can rent the display so our look can be homogeny or you can research yourself as long as it matches our criteria for look and feel of the store